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Gonyeti becomes an icon in Comedy…

Peter Munyanyi
Written by Peter Munyanyi

Gonyeti, real name Samantha Kureya, is reaching for the stars in her comedy carrier. She has played an astounding role in mirroring the society, and also in inspiring a lot of women into aiming for the stars. Working along side an amazing counterpart Maggie, these two ladies have done the impossible and are currently booming as much as female comedy is concerned in Zimbabwe.

Their skits are not only hilarious but they also speak for the voiceless. Their mastered art is a weapon used to show the reality of our world. Each and every episode done on Bustop Tv platform is not only educative, but also informative on the current affairs.

Comedy insist as an interest of popular culture where racial distinction is made onstensible, yet sarcastically the art of comedy is generally approved by the sociologists. Comedy produce an atmosphere where heritage can be mentioned frankly.

Gonyeti and Maggie have undeniably become famous for their skits on the Bustop Tv brand, a youth-run Zimbabwean media house that was established in 2014.

These two ladies did not only stop on beings Comediennes , but they have extended their horizons to being media journalists as well. This is very inspiring to many.

While these comedians come up with amusing and intelligent ways to convey truth,in a stand up comedy, here is how comedy makes us better people. Comedy helps us out to cope up with mental tension and life’s pain. Despite troubles, comedy helps us to tow in every storm with smiles and laughter. This team’s work is much appreciated and we will keep raising them higher.

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