Peter Munyanyi
Written by Peter Munyanyi

The worst night mare of every Zimbabwean has began once more as fuel becomes an unresolved issue in Zimbabwe .
Fuel stations queues have extended again and some fuel station are running out of fuel .
The alleged poor planning of the Zimbabwean government has resulted in the country facing diminished fuel supplies.
For the past days there have been long, winding queues at service stations once more again.

The horrors and nightmares for Zimbabweans continues.

It have been noted that since Zimbabwe President Emerson Mnangagwa announced new prices for fuel, things have not been easy for the Zimbabweans.
The increase of fuel price more than double, also sparked the three day shutdown.
He announced a fuel pump price of $3,11 per liter for diesel, and $3,31 per litre for petrol but today its noted that the prices of fuel were constantly increasing with cents diesel is now $3.20 per litre and petrol is now $3.38 per litre
The recent fuel price hike has caused mayhem in the economy as basically prices of all goods and services have been raised.
The increase was an admission by the President that the local currency had failed to match the US$.

It is painful because the rising costs are not corresponding with the majority’s income. The fuel hike triggers the price increase and ordinary Zimbabweans suffers.

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