Youth Corner

A Zimbabwean young poet cries out…

Peter Munyanyi
Written by Peter Munyanyi

Father sanctify my soul, escort me through this evil road.
This is a fairy tale l used to know from my innocence as a child
raising corpse from the dead
Juju priest deceiving all people with spiritual bewilderment.
Elders misleading people with spiritual delusion.
Churches blindfolding people with a veil of a doctrine.
Fake Pastors folded the congregant in their fingers and stirred their minds
To be always devoted to him, feel weak and fragile without his anointing.
Don’t you see this is not right ?
We are living in the sick culture of fear.
As microscopic stress fake does inject in our blood
Believe it or not, following a pastor instead of God is a suicide for you
God is watching you!

Since we lost him on the cross ,Youth have lost their minds walking to church naked, like the one raised from death, like his eyes
Like wide opened heaven gates, like his eyes ,
God is watching you!
Miracles roar like thunder in many churches and many have strayed
too far from their side walks.
God is watching you!

Moms and pops, they used to take us to church
Saying “If you don’t believe, then the praying’ don’t work”
With the offering basket on the pulpit.
Turning church tithes into business earned profits
You are living in bubbles bound to explode
God is watching you

┬ęSir Peter

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