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A heart-melting Poem dedicated to the late icon Charles Mungoshi…

Peter Munyanyi
Written by Peter Munyanyi

…Lost Pen…

Lost pen that wrote in black ink.
Wasn’t Ever-sharp nor any famous brands
But rather Mungoshi Family Brand.
A brand quite unfamiliar, manufactured-
pens of idiosyncratic nature, Including this one black pen.
A pen that contained ink that engaged the nation on paper.
A pen that spit out black ink of courage and prompted
“The setting sun and the rolling world”

The only pen that painted black on paper and touched souls through ink.
Black pen that was recognized as cerebral writing machine amongst those of color,
Red, green, blue- and of course WHITE pens
Black pen that elevated the Zimbabwean and African flag higher above countries and continents
A pen that glittered with, gloomy hearts with its shiny ink
Upon hearing the news of it being taken home for maintenance,
I agreed as I was fully convinced that it would regain its proper functioning

But, the heavens snatched it from earth, for it to write clouds, stars, moon and sun
Heavens why are you so self centered? Why did you grab our pen of literature?
We are still growing and we still want more of his wise words in our generation .
You also detached strings of tuku’s guitar.
Who else is going to tell the youths whats right and wrong?
Who is going to take care of the broken hearts and souls?
But all these questions were left unanswered? Gone like the wind, like our pen, like Tuku.

When the wind of its collapse struck through my ears
I winced in pained and felt it breezing in the space it was inhabiting
I wish l could witness it vomiting its ink so that its collapse would not leave any question mark dotting my vision, because all I can see now is the wobbly figures of those around
Those pens whose caps have been removed in observance of the moment of silence
In honor of yet another Fallen Black Pen.

*©Sir Peter
A light from our arts family is gone.
A voice we loved is stilled
Rest in peace is so hard to say Return if possible*


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