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Young Zimbabwean Poetess pours her heart out on the Christian Easter meaning…(Must Read)

Yet he was the Messiah

Indeed, the stone that the builders rejected became a chief cornerstone
Ignorance thwarted them from seeing it all
It hindered them from seeing their wrongdoings in a whole
They focused on making him feel like he was in a deep hole
Yet he was the Messiah

He let them cast lots on his raiment
He let them pour vinegar at him
He let them spit on him
He let them mock him
Yet he was the Messiah

Not a savior from Mars
Not a redeemer from Venus
Not even a helper from Pluto
But the Messiah that even John the Baptist has awaited
The one that had come to deliver those that hated him the most

Could have retaliated even with a beehive
Possessed the might to kill but kept them alive
Had the strength to curse but pleaded on their behalf
He did not avenge or put them aloof
Yet he was the Messiah

For the sake of the same beings that spat on him,
The same lives that mocked him
He died the most painful death
Nailed by the exact kind he was dying for
The very persons he found himself on the cross for
Yet he was the Messiah

Born in a manger instead of a hospital
Wore a crown of thorns yet he had that of a Prince
Lived like a Peasant yet a son of a king
Denied by his own people
Betrayed by a favorite disciple
For the sake of all humanity

Even those he healed could not reminisce
Not forgetting the others he prayed for
Together with some that he had exorcised
And those that were present when these miracles were performed
None of them cared
Yet he was the Messiah

He still remains the Messiah
Still, the world raises sins higher
Forgetting that a set of hands was pierced with blood gushing out
Tears streaming down and not coming to a halt
Facial expressions revealing the anguish and a mouth with a pout
The world seems touched but never changes
It remembers “The Passion of Christ” but still, sin accumulates
A majority is still soaked in what “The Prince” left the throne for
Coming on earth to endure the ill treatment from his Father’s creation
A creation he could have destroyed in the blinking of an eye
Still, he sees from afar and forgives

How painful is it to be hit by a spouse
How heartbreaking is it to be dumped by a lover
How remorseful is it to be forsaken by a relative
How depressing is it to be betrayed by a friend?
But wait
Hold it right there,
Which of these did you die for?
Jesus died for all
Yet he was the Messiah

You can go to the grave
Look right into the tomb
He is no more
He is alive
And is coming back soon

Will you be there
To say with confidence
That you lived like him
With your actions testifying for you
Showing how grateful you were
For what happened on the cross?

Look, Jesus lived
Jesus suffered
Jesus wept
Jesus died
Yet He, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was the Messiah!

Sharon Nyasha Mtetwa

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