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The environment and our future…

Ignetious Shonhiwa
Written by Ignetious Shonhiwa

Our future lies on our environment where all our basic needs are derived from.Food,shelter,energy and clothing are an array of goods all derived from the planet Earth and the environment. However the human race in its Battle for survival has been brutal and ruthless to the oyster Earth that is the environment.

In our quest to enrich ourselves as a race we have embraced technology that has destroyed the environment. Farmlands is being turned into deserts and mining activities turning the land hollow with it’s burrowing tunnels that pose a threat to human existence. Trees are being cut and used as energy thereby limiting our sources for oxygen the very gas we use to breath for life.Gaseous emissions from industries are destroying the ozone layer as smoke belch into the horizon causing acidic rains to fall.The human race has thus become the major threat to nature and its survival. How can we dig pits and leave them uncovered after we have done excavations that we call open cast mines.It signifies our zest to be intransigent and insensitive to the plight of the environment and its habitats.

The world over technological clockwork cosmos are human driven and centered on benefiting us as its habitats. Animals are being hunted down for meat or hunting trophies yet we should domesticate animals to provide us with the products.What is our future perspective and response to this catastrophe that we are personally creating in our bid to satisfy our own personal needs.We have developed technology and created earth damaging machinery that’s causing erosion and siltation of water bodies coupled by our farming activities where we seem not to take preservative ways to conserve our ecosystems .This is heart rendering for our future lies in the environment and so does our wealth and survival.

Let’s rationalize and carpool our resources and then create counter compensatory measures that try to bring balance to nature and the environment. How about planting new trees,covering up dugout mining pits to save our mother Earth.It seems ideological battles are fought on the environment as we create nuclear bombs and atomic weaponry all that threatens human and animal existence. In a bid to outwit the other we are seen creating destructive weapons and poisonous gaseous emissions to prove our supremacy over the other as Earth suffers.Human advocates of the environment can not do it alone without our commitment and conscience to accept our liability as destructors of God given nature.We can start by urging communities to invest in solar energy and save water being used in hydro power generating plants.Eco friendly user methods must be embraced and it is our zest to adopt to change that brings change to our lateral thinking.

The human race needs adapt to changes as well as its will power to shift to user friendly methods to save the environment. Where will will stay if we damage all the land,if effluent kills fish in rivers that we use as a source of food.

Landslides are also on the rise due to our poor use of the land.Siltation is on the increase the world over yet we can avert it.

Let’s be rational and think of our future. Where are we going to get herbs for pharmaceutical use if the environment is no more .Where are we going to grow our plant for food and clothing.Human advocates of the environment need preach co existence and create harmony for our future to inherit an environment that gives life to all its inhabitants.

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