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Ignetious Shonhiwa gives valid political advise to Zimbabwean Politicians….

Ignetious Shonhiwa
Written by Ignetious Shonhiwa

Breaking : Zimbabwean politicians need to prioritize national values and foster unity.

Zimbabwean political players seem immature and bent on self enrichment at the expense of the masses.This is all due to their lager mentality towards national values whose vows they breach after they take oath of office.Professionalism lacks in their conduct of parliamentary duties yet they are the custodians of the electoral democracy.

MPs from various parties are voted into office using various ways notably their ability to articulate peoples problems but once in office they turn quiet and salient as if eves hit at them.They use verbosity and mental charm to win people’s hearts in elections and then suddenly change and lack practicality in their execution of duties.They spend time brawling in the August house trading derogatory words at each other at the expense of the masses.

Nevertheless Parliament is the repository of electoral democracy whose fundamental role is to enact laws that change the socio economic level of the people. Boycotts are ever a norm as if one is a shadow of a devil meant to draw people back to the stone Age era.Democracy is cultural, social and fundamentally inclusive irrespective of ones race,political inclination and tribe.The regressive act of sabotaging the economy of ones country by Hon MPs leaves a lot to be desired. MPs are seen at the forefront of calling for the destruction of infrastructure yet they must create dialogue in a broad political spectrum.

Being peer leaders to banditry is savagery,uncivilized and primitive.Political players must have the zest to drive the country forward towards prosperity and social integration.

MPs must not spread hate speech or show immaturity in their execution of duties.However our key problem lies in us who vest their interests in these barbarians .An Mp must be a person with a proven track record in a certain area or sphere of influence e.g sporting,industry,journalism or education. However the myopic myth of likening a horse to a rider sees us create a caricature of legislators called career MPs. These are people who have never worked anywhere nor have they been gainfully employed at any time in their lives.
Suddenly how can we trust people of no creditance to lead us in quest for human emancipation and development. What have the individuals done to warranty national office and the oversight role to preside over government activities in their respective constituencies.This creates a vacuum in efficiency and service delivery. People with criminal records must not be given public support nor mandate to represent interests of the electorate.The bickering in Parliament must not be along party line affiliations but national values to create suitable laws to govern the masses .Synergy is best created by professional attitude to business and approach.Vibrant ideas from the various political players must be embraced and en-crafted to help bring best possible legal pieces in the land.Greed has costed us as a people for we forget the electorate and concentrate on the teas and allowances paid in Parliament. Some notable industrialists are in Parliament to represent national development agendas and these must be tasked with leading Parliamentary portfolio committees to create Parliamentary efficiency but party caucuses and political ideological differences has seen us surge behind due to our inability and intransigence to adapt to change and tolerance. Oneness is the key to create a health economic level in any country thus Parliamentarians need be united,conceited in nationalistic values and foster unity among people. Thuggery should not be promoted at any rate as well as corruption or malpractice of laws to benefit the elite and politically connected.

Zimbabwean politicians need prioritize national values and foster unity among people of different political ideological spectrum and by taking a professional attitude to business the national development agendas are fulfilled.

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