Differentiating the appointed and anointed, a short script from 1 Samuel 19 verses 1 to 24…

Ignetious Shonhiwa
Written by Ignetious Shonhiwa

Samuel the renowned Israeli. Prophet and leader was a man of favor in Gods eyes.He had set Saul to be King and David as his heir in waiting for the throne.It should be taken into cognizance that David was bequeathed with Michal King Saul’s daughter as his gift for killing Goliath and the Philistines .Israel and Judah loved David thus Saul became jealous of him and snared him by giving his daughter to David.

However Saul saw gave his daughter to Adriel the Meholathite when he was supposed to give her to David.Saul ordered his servants to befriend David and requested for hundred foreskins of Philistines as dowry and David brought 200 instead and Michal loved David too.king Saul’s hatred increased and David became the kings worst enemy .However Saul had a son named Jonathan who loved David too but the servants and Jonathan were ordered by the king
To kill David but Jonathan had a covenant with David and he spoke good of David and told him to seek refuge in the fields.Saul promised Jonathan he would never harm David and the warrior David would play the harp before the King.David fought the Philistines and slew hundreds of them.Jealous rode into King Saul’s heart and as David played the javelin with his hand King Saul struck the wall in his bid to kill David with the javelin and David escaped the very night through the window with Michals help.Michal placed a doll in Davids bed and put a pillow of goats hair and covered it.The King sent messengers to kill David in bed but Davids wife Michal said David was sick.King Saul was angry with his daughter for letting David escape .David fled to Naioth in Ramah where Samuel lived.David was giving refuge by Samuel but King Saul heard about it and he sent messengers to collect David.The Holy Spirit was on the messengers and they prophesied.
Saul sent more messengers and the appointed priest Samuel and the priests made the messengers prophesied. Saul was told of this rare bizarre thing and for the third time sent messengers again who prophesied. The King then personally went to Ramah and reached Sechu a great well and asked for Samuel and David .He was directed to David and Samuel and
As he reached Naoith he was in tongues and prophesied before Samuel and lay naked all day and night .People wondered if King Saul was also a prophet .
Shame and disgrace overtook King Saul for fighting the appointed priest Samuel and anointed David .The people of Judah and Israel also saw how faithful God saves his anointed flock due to David.
In so doing if teaches us to appreciate ,cherish and never despise other people or covert their talents.

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