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Ignetious Shonhiwa
Written by Ignetious Shonhiwa

The Zimbabwean economy is often branded a lottery economy by many yet it has several remedies to arrest the various problems bedeviling if
It must be taken into cognizance that an economy is sound based on favorable investment laws,good corporate governance,zero tolerance to corruption and the will power by its citizens to grow and develop irrespective of the socio,political climate promised on peace and national responsibilities.
Powerful Zimbabwean business moguls thrive on deals against business thereby profiteering at the expense of the masses who wallow in abject poverty.A typical example is the Todal deal that gave Russell Goreraza and his partner Gaucho millions of dollars as introductory fees over the sale of a mine in the Midlands province in 2016-17.Business being academic needs no middleman thus the Zimbabwe Investment Agency should have the sole right to market whatever is at stake on foreign and international markets.This makes monies accrue to state coffers against individual pockets. Imagine if the 46 million us dollar fee went to state coffers what was the percentage of income to our national budget just 1% which is a significant contribution. The State ought to provide for a framework via legal laws that seek to banish tender preneurship at the expense of the masses.The many legal battles the likes of Chivhayo faces in courts would be a thing of the past.
The State ought to capacitate and empower people with technical knowhow to execute jobs.By so doing the buying becomes quasi centralized and efficient with expert getting their fair share as was the case with the dualization of the Plumtree to Mutare road where the build,operate and transfer concept was applied effectively to fight corruption.

It is imperative to note that a person can be contracted go do a job using various merits but good workmanship being key as well as timeliness adherence to project duration. This saves millions of dollars for the country as many companies compete to complete the same job. Unki mines a platinum miner in Shurugwi is a typical example where corrupt and illicit deals coated the country millions.The company hired an aggregate to supply material at the housing side and the contractors were paid peanuts imagine one person grossing 176 million us dollars to supply sand,bricks,roofing sheets etc.It was wise for the company to contract various suppliers of goods to avoid the enrichment of an individual .The beneficing individuals create synergies socially and politically to abuse people and the economy at large.Does it mean Shurugwi locals were incapacitated to supply sand or bricks simple reasoning tells us that the locals had the capacity to yet they got chided to menial construction jobs where strikes were the days order and merit at the construction sites.

The State must have the power to institute proceedings against any firm that if deems to be operating of it’s mandated scope of work to avoid corruption. Kickbacks though rampant will be minimized to create transparency in business. A company must have a certain number of years in operation to be given a contract consume rate with it’s experience
Directors must have thorough background checks done on them before any tender is awarded to avoid scammers playing game to the contracting firms.This becomes part of corporate governance where a declaration of interests and assets is done publicly to avoid corruption. The Essar deal once struck at Zisco is a typical example where bicycle were offered to negotiators and the nation was almost prejudiced of millions potential revenue by unscrupulous business moguls.
Companies must not be held for speculative purposes but for national gain and productivity. Showdy land deals rampant in Harare,Norton and Chitungwiza are a glaring example of unabated corruption in broad daylight.How can individuals own large swath of land to be land barons when the state coffers are empty.The state must sell the land at prescribed rates afforded by its citizens to ensure consumer protection. How dare the legislature let’s land barons control town land when housing backlog is high. Companies must not be stripped of assets but capacitate to ensure production level increases.
Briefcase business guys must be warded off to create investment trust.If must be noted that the current government scrapped indigenization laws but the investing firms ought to be mandated to save their income in local banks to avoid externalization of funds abroad .Companies should repatriate their income in trenches in accordance with Zimbabwean laws .To facilitate this the Ministry of Industry ought to gazette a bill that regulates investor funds for we may die poor while all monies is in safe havens.Rwanda is a growing economy but I for see it being used by warlords in mineral rich nations as a safe haven for laundered money.See its proximity to mineral rich Kenya and DRC and you can attest to this assertion I harbor.
Crisis create instability and in Zimbabwe I detest certain political figures who are power hungry and forget about future generations.Can you destroy a house that you built for personal glory or you leave behind an inheritance for future generations. These figures often charismatic and ascriptive lack national conscience and drive to drive the economic impetus of the land.Anyone can lead the land but not a self serving egocentric individual who wants power and thrives on violence as a powerkegger to force people to accept him as their leader.
The electorate decides on its leadership thus war mongering must not be applied to fulfill personal ambitions.We need to have national interests at heart with patriotism being a key driver.
The judiciary must hand stiff penalties on economic fraudsters to deter any potential threat of such people sprouting everywhere like mushroom in forests.
Tax evasion must be dealt with and a compliant system should be enforced where the state gets its dues just after the closure of every business transaction is conducted.
It is therefore folly for the State to penalize defaulters after a period has lapsed.This creates low investor confidence among people wishing to invest in any economic sphere of the land.
Consumer prices must not spiral and hike wantonly without consultation with stakeholders. Justified reasons must be given and the State through Parliament must approve of any changes in pricing of goods.
Bushy economics where the get rich fast concept must be put under spotlight and the state must have power to institute proceedings against business offending individuals or firms.All this needs concerted political will power irrespective of party affiliation. Its a ridicule to note that notion drivers of price hikes though unjustified are also affected by the price disparity
In essence whom are you serving self interests or some hidden masters.
The Gaddafi era type of economic regime must be encouraged among Zimbabwean nationals where all people share the cake irrespective of race ,color,tribe or creed .Most Zimbabwean people talk of the American economy whose key driver is not known to them.Let me be frank to all America thrives on controversies i.e. civil wars and unrest.Belligerents buy weapons to fight each other yet America profiteers look at Libya and Iraq in the name of reconstruction.
Who benefits from this so called reconstruction America or the third world nations.Its high time we wake up and smell the coffee and work as a united family to fight the devil among us called greed.
Let’s build bridges and be politically tolerant to achieve financial greatness as a nation.
Zimbabwe can be a great economy if we set aside political differences and chat the same path way to success for inheritance is our end goal to generations to come.
With my little advice I pen off info hibernation hoping to see unity of purpose on this great day.

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