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BREAKING:Surviving the tough economic conditions in Zimbabwe.

Ignetious Shonhiwa
Written by Ignetious Shonhiwa

Zimbabwe is fast becoming a hell on earth due to a myriad of factors affecting its economy. But survival skills can be implemented go sustain and cushion the nationals from this carnage facing them.

To begin with food security is key and critical for human survival thus people need have adequate food to survive .Derelict backyards can be turned into viable gardens to grow vegetables and maize to sustain family needs.This also erodes people’s desire to rely on supermarkets for basic foodstuffs.Rabbit keeping, poultry and piggeries as well as fisheries can be established to sustain human needs but laziness causes most people to ignore viable options for survival.Water from kitchens can be used to water gardens as well as food leftovers to feed roadrunner chickens and fish in backyard ponds.

Residual produce can thus be sold to generate income to pay for utility bills i.e. water and electricity. Biogas plants can be established and then tapped into the electricity mainline for power generation and use by nationals.The real problem lies in our will power to adapt and adopt to changes in our lifestyles.People can develop home industries like soap making,perfume making and welding to sustain themselves. But this can only be done if we adopt a paradigm shift of mindset that requires simple savvy technologies and skills training. Councils must be developing high rise flats for use as accommodation and pot planting of vegetables adopted. We should invent our own MacDonald’s by using mobile caravans to use and cook food in while distributing on a mobile basis.As a progressive force we can fatten beasts and sell the meat at affordable prices but the key problem is our mentality towards radical economic changes.We can grow Lucerne,barna grass or vertiver grass to supplement the diminishing grasslands. Communities can grow woodlots preferably of gumtrees to offer firewood to alleviate power usage in households.Dilapidated homes must be rebuilt using modern technology of crushing building remains and that way we save soils from over exploitation by locals.Herbal technology must be embraced and gardens grown to supplement pharmaceutical products on the shelves .Here there to,it becomes significant to cut costs from our income as we rationalize and carpool resources together.Solar energy must be encouraged and vast idle plains used to generate power for the nation.Domestic tourism must help prop up the economy for we too have the great Vicfalls,Great Zimbabwe ruins,Khami ruins and Nyanga mountains.Our propensity to consume must be within our budget constraints thus allowing us to be a middle income economy like South Africa.Government must bring cheaper trains in towns to safe the urbanites from harsh biting economic conditions just as South Africa’s freedom trains.Black marketing of basic commodities must stop henceforth if the government gazettes a price structure for every basic foodstuff on any shelf.Technology evolves around numbers thus more research needs to be put to basic humanitarian needs to sustain the citizens.

Better crop varieties need be introduced as well as turning barren land to productive use as the case in Libya and Israel where deserts have turned into farmlands.

We need not give responsibility and reliance on a heavily burdened central government but our will power to succeed makes us great.Old technology like the use of windmills need to be reinvented and introduced and reliance on underground water must increase to save dams from drying.If for example 100 boreholes are drilled in each rural ward of Zimbabwe what is the impact to the economy .Surely it improves twenty-fold and self reliance increases.Policymakers need look at sustainable ways of survival to pull Zimbabwe out of the quagmire. Development is apolitical hence we need embrace each other as fellow patriots and compatriots.

Take political ideological differences aside,substitute donor dependency and see how we progress as a force.The political landscape is not for ordinary citizens to tinker of and on but development is key as a nation.let’s be practical and stop building castles in the air or aerodromes in the townships where no adequate land for such amenities does not exist.Let’s substitute luxury with hard work and then we surge forward as a united family.

Simple ways to survive will see us through against high investment driven policies. Let’s utilize derelict lands,build amenities like amphitheaters in townships and promote domestic industry. The surplus we produce can be sold to sustain us for other needs we have in life.Let’s embark on a pathway for growth by utilizing available resources.

We can use sewage to substitute conventional fertilizers in our gardens or use goop from bait droppings to enhance plant growth.

All things being equal there is no resource on earth that can’t be put to good use for human gains.Organic fertilizers is now the way to go against using chemical fertilizers in small scale agriculture projects. With zeal,ambition and drive we can drive our nation back onto its wheels and be a marvel again.

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