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BREAKING:Shurugwi South Mp unpacks his vision for his constituency.

Ignetious Shonhiwa
Written by Ignetious Shonhiwa

Shurugwi South member of Parliament is a man on a mission to develop the communities he represents. Zim live Talks had the opportunity to interview the soft spoken Parliamentarian who is ever cheerful and smiling yet result oriented, Mr Edmund Mkaratigwa .

This publication had a personal feel of the Mp at his rural home where he held a stakeholders meetings with civic and donor community leaders,traditional, political and interest groups.

” Shurugwi south is a place with 15 wards needing attention in all spheres and thus I require the input of all stakeholders to drive our vision for development to fruition.Some basic amenities like health facilities are missing in some wards and its my view that we all work together to build a united Shurugwi where results must be our benchmark. Staff housing for civil servants is deplorable as at Zvamabande district hospital and I have taken a bold initiative to start building new staff houses from my personal coffers.My first load of cement was delivered to the institute a month ago and I am awaiting the community to help with pits and bricks to start construction of the homes. Arex staff in wards have inadequate accommodation or its dilapidated and needs refurbishment thus I invite everyone to help me develop. My doors are open to every one willing to help partner me develop our beautiful constituency. My approach is apolitical as I represent all people from various political inclinations. We must have sustainable development for future generations to come.Our traditional leaders are there to help pacify on relations if ever we have rifts.All criminal element issues must be dealt with at courts and the Police.My role is to see to it that all government programs are executed in line with the constitution. Nervelessly I offer my services to everyone wishing to be helped in any sphere if I can.We have a low mineral base notably chrome at Rusike and Ruchanyu but I won’t force miners to contribute towards development if they don’t volunteer. A willing heart is a giving blessed hand thus I urge all donors to use the proper channels to help us develop.We need electrify our schools,clinics and business centres but I will also facilitate on my personal level .Youth unemployment is high and I request for donor aid to establish sustainable projects to fight crime rate and youth delinquency.I will embark on a mission to visit all residents in the wards and will forward their problems to various authorities in government and donor agencies .Our Chiefs must be applauded for their role in bringing peace and Justice to communities .It is imperative that we recognize all those who help us during our dark hours .
“Let me reiterate our need to work as a family and I urge my fellow political friends to be factual.The diatribe of lies that they peddled over our Independence Day is over I don’t begrudge people for we are born differently .It is a norm to contribute towards State occasions and I find it buffing and blasphemous that some political players politicize an event that I don’t preside on but the district administrator and his committee. I personally funded Zw£ 3000 towards the event in my area of jurisdiction thus I have no time to coerce or force people to contribute towards their own celebration ceremonies. We are a family thus we need a development road-map together. My office has donated computers, cement and agricultural inputs but our need gap exists in all wards of the Constituency. I invite everyone to partake for its our future generations that will contribute.I am an Engineer by profession as you all know but we need more experts to help us and the Shurugwi South Development Trust that I spearheaded has various experts who are dotted globally to help us with technical expertise.Let’s not create unnecessary rifts and put people at risk of underdevelopment. I am thrilled by the level of cooperation exuded by all of us here and urbanization is our next thrust.We need develop under our traditional leaders and be recognized as a force to reckon with.I occupy a political office that changes hands timeously thus my tenure should be one of success and happiness. Let’s utilize our natural resources rationally and avoid over-exploiting them.We can replant forests for firewood and use electricity sparingly. Let’s develop domestic tourism for we have the magnificent Guruguru,Bongwe and Bokai mountains.Investors must feel free to partner us and let’s not extort them as leaders.We must cohabit and bring sanity.Councilors must make sure that all government resources and grain is given out to bona fide residents for it is a year of looming hunger.Be apolitical in disbursing inputs to foster development .Abuse of office is unwarranted and uncouth thus I urge you to desist from corrupt tendencies. Land ownership wrangles must not be tolerated let’s live in harmony and create synergy. Our Chiefs will help bring aboard my fellow brothers and sisters to partner us and supplement government, donor,as well as my personal efforts to develop a home cherished by all.The stigmatization of HIV must stop and treatment must be offered free of charge to all .Let’s take a holistic friendly approach to life and create synergies that the world must emulate. Government programs must be implemented fully and accommodate everyone in the Constituency.
My aim is to see a unified Shurugwi south ,prosperous and ever developing.Let’s be a shining example of a little Switzerland in Zimbabwe and compliment the President His Excellence E.D.Mnangagwas vision for an upper middle income economy by 2030 if we work together tirelessly. Once again I thank you and wish to draw a road-map of progress with you for the good of our future “

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