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BREAKING: Mating season for Zimbabwean political chameleons…

Ignetious Shonhiwa
Written by Ignetious Shonhiwa

Zimbabwean political landscape is multifaceted and multi dimensional yet it offers no real change to the electorate. The Marxist based labor movement cum political party are a Zanu Pf offspring much to the charade of many who do not know it.At 1980 just after independence the Robert Mugabe government embarked on a spree to assimilate and annihilate the labor unions by forming the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade union.

This was a way to control labor movements and to let labor itself kowtow to to Mugabe Marxist policies.A raft of laws were drafted with labor movement backing their ascension. But as history says pregnancy can not remain still born after 9 months of conceiving labor movement leaders and their leaders became disgruntled by not having the final say in the economic laws of the land especially after Sap and Esap were introduced. This created a rift between labor movement and its government backers.Vibrant speakers like Gibson sibanda and Morgan Tsvangirai came to the fore.Food riots and mass layaways were seen and Marxism lost its grip as did Soviet prestroika And glasnost. illusion of mastery became the game plan and the capitalist west found favor in the eyes of the power hungry labor movement. Within a short space of time student activism turned to labor for support.This witnessed the biggest student mutiny at University of Zimbabwe that left infrastructure in limbo.Chris Giwa and Arthur Mutambara were some of those involved in organizing the riots.
Food riots crippled the economy in 1996 and within 3 years labor turned political giving birth to the rise of Morgan Tsvangirai and Job Skhala and others
Students and labor had one voice and got backing from one Rupert Johnson a business mogul with interests in fuel and transport sector. Students moved the country over campaigning for democracy and a change to the constitution. Learnmore Jongwe was one of those vocal youths as well as firebrand Gandhi Mdzingwa. The bodies formed the Movement for Democratic ,change and Robert Johnson drummed up support for the labor guys in retaliation to Mugabe”s land grab .The bickering crippled both industry ,government and labor. Jobs were lost,factories seized And goods became scarce and expensive .In the staccato Mugabe played herculean act and brought Proff Jonathan Moyo as a spokesman and adviser.
The spin doctor drafted Copac in 2000 and a referendum was conducted. With a thud Mugabe fell heavily with a massive No vote to his proposals. It was Mugabe’s first defeat and a litmus test for the MDC. The no vote buoyed the labor backed party and like an apparition in a giant room the labor movement won 42 seats against Mugabe’s 57 .Soon the country was abuzz with the red labor color scarfs and t-shirts. Mugabe could not swallow the loss and soon introduced NY service to instill patriotism in youths.Border Gezi lead the recharged youth ministry and in 2002 Presidential polls the Border 1gezi youths won the vote for Mugabe.

Tsvangirai never rested as he engaged on diplomatic offensive globally like his successor Rev Nelson Chamisa. Mugabe parceled more land to blacks using any possible means and the 2005 Parliamentary polls were a neck to neck between both MDC and Zanu Pf.Mugabe won though in dispute and the nation moved forward.In November 2005 Mugabe brought an old trick info play by introducing the Senate. If must be noted that Mugabe had lost Edison Zvobgo,Morven Mahachi and Border Gezi all renowned game changers due to deaths. Labor backed movement boycotted the polls and gave Mugabe a leeway to govern.Sensing danger Mugabe ratified Parly life span to run in tandem with Presidential elections in 2008 by using legal jargon called harmonization of elections to run concurrently. The parties brawled but Zanu Pf won more parley seats than MDC.

A constitutional technicality arose even though Tsvangirai won the first round.The Apex court ordered a re-poll that Mugabe won amid resoundingly though violently .SADC intervened and a government of national unity was formed with all political players involved in play. Tsvangirai was made Prime minister amid limited powers but full government responsibility to supervise ministers.Arthur Mtambara was co-vice Pm with Dr Khupe . Biti was at Finance and current President Mnangagwa was at Defense .Zimbabwe saw a temporary economic boom notwithstanding the introduction of the greenback in Feb 2009 by Mugabe then the GNU was enacted. However to political analysts the GNU made Tsvangirai rest and in 2013 Mugabe thumped Tsvangirai hands down without dispute in all elections. The labor leadership was caught napping amid corruption allegations against its ranks .Cross sitting became a norm from 2013 to 2018 with Zanu Pf axing its then VP Mai Joice Mjuru and her cronies. Some were suspended while some were expelled. In 2017 Zanu strongman A.Mugabe resigned due to massive pressure and his sacked deputy Emerson Mnangagwa became President. In Feb 2018 Tsvangirai succumbed to cancer and Zimbabwe mourned a gallant fighter. Youthful Nelson Chamisa took over MDC under the MDC alliance barner. It must be noted that Chamisa had sympathy from sacked G40 members and Mugabe.As its mating time for political chameleons Jim Kunaka,Shadreck Mashayamombe and other known G40 functionaries participated with Chamisa as their ally but a borrowed support base didn’t win the youthful lsder the vote even after a landmark Con court ruling upheld Mnangagwa as the Winner.

Mnangagwa began to readmit sacked old Zanu Pf old guard and moderate g40s. The g40 chameleons who joined and fronted Chamisas campaign brought violence and disorder to MDC alliance .Dzikamai Mavhaire and company joined Chamisa but will the flipfloppers. Help Nelson win public support in 2023 sure I for see not due to their past history of atrocities and debauchery.The impending MDC alliance polls may see Chamisa winning next month but its likely another implosion is on the way watch the space.The power hungry political players are changing allegiance daily but is this for real.Let the chameleons mate and we see their off springs or else I get a wrong label though I am adamant time will tell on who will carry the vote in 2023.like the church mouse I pen off and wait for the pray mantis and jecha boys to resume their rivalry.

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