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Hondo paMuchato during the weekend as wife’s relatives stops the wedding

An expected awesome day for everyone as people were supposed to celebrate a wedding ceremony turned to chaos as groom’s first wife’s relatives steered up a huge drama just before vows.

Obey Jekenya from Mabvuku was alleged to have been still married to Lisa Kanhimba and as such, he could not have made vows with a new bride Melania Nyamukuta.

H-Metro reported that, just before the couple could take its vows , Lisa’s relatives started a burning fire , shouting all over demanding to stop the wedding until Obey Jekenya had legally divorced first wife. The relatives also brought kids from the former marriage to show solidify their allegations.

Lisa’s mother was said to have gone to the pulpit and held the former son-inlaw’s collar saying,

“ Pano hapachatwi, kusvika aramba mwana wangu”

The newly bride Melania couldn’t control it and bursted to tears as her best day was ruined.

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