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As an ambitious single mom, I’ll make things right, MisRed

Christine Nhamo
Written by Christine Nhamo

Media personality MisRed, real name Samantha Mussa, whilst celebrating her 30th birthday opened up about her personal life.She lamented that her children have to bear the brunt of her sins just because she is a single mother.

This beautiful and brainy young lady is aiming for the stars. She has chosen to be the hero of her own story . She is set for greatness, proudly making history in media.

In an interview with The Chronicle, MisRed said,

As a single mother, it breaks my heart that my children take the biggest sacrifice for my being MisRed. I’ve made so many mistakes, lost friends in the process and gone through depression, but like any other human being, I’m a work in progress.

She also opened up on her ambitions saying that dreams of becoming a media mogul. Said the vivacious MisRed,

This year, I’ll be introducing fully, my media company which will amplify my next chapter with regards to where I want to go. I’m a very ambitious person and I want to be part of the Zimbabwean story being told accurately. The Zimbabwean media is interesting in that it’s still emerging so there are numerous gaps for everyone to fit into.As I turn 30, I think I’m behind on a lot of goals, but I’m thankful for all the doors that have been opened and opportunities that have been put before me to thrive in my career! I take nothing for granted because I know it can only be a higher power that has gotten me to this stage.

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